One account to manage commerce

One account to Bank & Accept Payments

Bank, accept payments, pay suppliers, send payments internationally and more for your business all through a single account, with Otterz.

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Big Savings for Small Businesses

Otterz lets SMBs and Freelancers drive more commerce. From restaurants to retail to service-based businesses and freelancers, Otterz enables businesses to accept payments quickly and securely and manage them centrally through their commerce account.
aBANK account built for commerce

Fee Free Banking with 1% - 6% cash back

FDIC-insured bank account with virtual cards, 1% - 6% cashback rewards on spending, team management, and more.

Make FX payments to overseas suppliers
No ATM fees. No minimum balance. No overdrafts.
abank account that replaces your stripe and square account

Accept payments online or on FREE POS

Accept payments in-store/online, manage payables, create and share invoices all through easy to use web and mobile app.


The only account you will need to bank, accept payments and pay suppliers


Only pay-as-you-go one flat 2.6% + 30c transaction fee for all swipe, chip, and contactless payments.


When you take payments over the phone or via payment link, you’ll pay 2.9% + 30c per remote transaction.


Send unlimited free invoices from the Otterz App, and only pay 2.90% + 30c when invoices are paid online.
manage your business in one app

A payments terminal that goes where you go.

Manage your receivables, payables and banking activities in the palm of your hands

in store and online sales managed from your bank account

Boost your business and SAVE on processing costs

All your needs covered with a full range of credit and debit cards .

Otterz Benefits :
Select from wide range of devices based on business needs
Accept payments at competitive rates of 2.6%+30c
Otterz Benefits :
Accept payments through payments gateway, payments links and QR codes
Accept payments at competitive rates of 2.9%+30c
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Manage payables

Pay your suppliers via your credit card

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Pay invoices in 2 simple steps
Add bill details: Take a photo, upload a file, enter details, or connect QuickBooks Online
Select payment method: Pay with a bank transfer or Otterz debit card(earn rewards)
Seamless sync with accounting and eCommerce solutions like Xero, QuickBooks, Amazon, etc.
Critical data  auto-syncs between Otterz and your accounting software
Customer Story

They have best in class rewards!!!

"Otterz makes it easy for me to accept payments both instore and online"
Melanie Shaw
Restaurant Owner
Customer Story

Highly recommended!

Otterz lowered our cost of acceptance. When you know your bills are covered, you can focus on the fun parts of having money
Joe Fisher
Retail Store Owner

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Frequently asked questions

Get answers to all questions you have and boost your knowledge so you can bank, pay and get paid smarter. See all questions here!
How is an Otterz bank account different than a tradition account?

Otterz gives businesses a digital bank account allowing them to deposit checks, send ACH payments, withdraw / deposit cash at ATMs across the country. Otterz, also comes ore-configured to accept card payments (no signing up with Square or Stripe)

How do I accept payments in-store or online via Otterz

Your Otterz bank account comes with a soft POS that turns your mobile phone into a card acceptance terminal. In addition, we have a variety of hardware terminals as as well online plugins to integrate with your online store on magento, woocommerce etc.

How does Otterz help save on costs

Otterz provides fee free banking to its customers. In addition, Otterz POS terminals offer competitive processing rates compared to Square or Stripe. Finally, Otterz provides cash back to its business so we can help save more.

I am a B2B business and do not need a POS, how can Otterz meet my needs

Through Otterz, you can set up recurring billing, invoicing all for free. In addition, you can have suppliers send you invoices and schedule online payments via ACH (free) or your Credit card (for a processing fee)

Is my money safe?

Yes, it is safe and covered under FDIC insurance by our partner bank Blueridge Bank and Trust Co.

Is digital banking secure?

Yes! Digital Banking utilizes industry-standard security protocols that leverage encryption for transferring data. Encryption helps create a secure environment for the information being transferred, and we ensure that account data is never stored on your device!