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Pay bills, vendors, suppliers, and contractors using free bank transfers - No vendor sign-up needed.

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Discover the benefits of our payments solution.

Optimize Cashflow

Wave goodbye to payment delays. Our swift and efficient service ensures businesses receive payments promptly, enhancing cash flow and enabling easy access to funds. Skip the wait for check clearances and invoice processing – focus on business growth instead.

No-Cost Money Transfers

Send and receive bank transfers with ease. Our service enables fee-free transactions, letting you transfer funds to clients, suppliers, or partners effortlessly. Save on fees and invest more in your business growth.

Sync with QuickBooks

Simplify accounting with seamless QuickBooks integration. Keep records up-to-date, avoid errors, and manage finances effortlessly with accurate real-time data.

Digitalize Accounts Payable

Settle multiple bills, vendor and contractor payments with our payment service. Consolidate payments, avoid late fees, and stay organized in one user-friendly platform.

How it works

Pay Bills and Suppliers in Two Simple Steps

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Step 1: Add Invoice
Take a photo or upload a file and enter details or connect to your quickbooks account online
Step 2 :Select Payment Method
Pay with a free bank transfer or Otterz debit card.

Accounting Integrations

Integrate with popular accounting solutions like QuickBooks. Enable automatic synchronization of vital data between Otterz and your accounting software for seamless, error-free operations.

Automated Accounts Payable

Automatically settle supplier payments, invoices, and bills, ensuring a seamless and error-free accounting experience.
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Manage your financial records with accuracy and efficiency.
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Tax Filing

Navigate complex tax regulations seamlessly, ensuring compliance and maximizing returns.
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