Stress-Free and Affordable Bookkeeping and Tax Filing Services

Get live bookkeepers and accountants to keep your books accurate and tax compliant, bringing your existing financials up-to-date.

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Our Services

Comprehensive Integrated Accounting Solutions


Manage your financial records with accuracy and efficiency.

Tax Filing

Navigate complex tax regulations seamlessly, ensuring compliance and maximizing returns.

Smart Decision Insights

Empowering decisions with tailored financial insights and expert support for confident decision-making.

Accurate books by Qualified Bookkeepers

Achieve financial peace of mind and drive business growth with our professional bookkeepers and accountants.

Trust Otterz for Your Business Books

Quickbooks experts you can rely on
Books Cleanup
Live bookkeepers who organize, clean up, set up, and update your transactions, freeing you from everyday hassles.
Tax-ready Accounting
Stay confident throughout tax season as our experienced accountants keep your books updated year-round, with monthly financial statements.
Crucial Insights
Gain custom insights to inform business decisions, while you focus on your strengths.
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Tax Filing

Stress-Free Tax Filing for Small Businesses

Our accounting and tax experts ensure end-to-end compliance and accuracy, so you can focus on growing your business.

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Federal and State Tax Returns

We prepare and file returns on your behalf, ensuring compliance with applicable laws and regulations.

Tax Planning and Strategy

We help you identify potential tax-saving opportunities and leverage tax incentives.

Schedule C Preparation

Receive expert guidance in completing and filing Schedule C, which includes reporting business income, expenses, and calculating self-employment tax.

Deductions and Credit Analysis

We help reduce tax liabilities by reviewing business owner's financial records and identifying eligible deductions and credits.

Compliance with Tax Deadlines

Stay clear of penalties and interest charges by diligently adhering to deadlines.. We file returns accurately and well in advance of the due dates.

Sales Tax Filing and Planning

Expert guidance in state and local regulations, timely filing reminders, simplified compliance, and seamless integration with accounting systems.

and more
smart decision insights

Our Expertise, Your Success

Our experienced team brings clarity to complex financial decisions, empowering you with custom strategies tailored to your needs.
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How we empower you

Your money
is safe with us

Financial Expertise

Gain control, visibility, and strategic planning for your finances.

Know Your Business

Understand cash flow, profitability, and access essential business credits.

Strategic Advice

Resolve cash flow, cut costs, attract investors, and ensure smooth transactions.

Cost-Effective Solutions

Access top-tier financial expertise without the hefty price tag of an average startup CFO.

We Do the Work for You

Get the Elite plan to have your own dedicated bookkeeper available for chat, email, or Zoom meetings—tailored to your personal preferences.
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