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How Otterz AI Helps You Manage Your Business

Real-Time Insights

Gain instant access to real-time financial data and performance metrics.

Automated Books Entry

Otterz AI records and categorizes all financial transactions accurately. No need for manual entry.

Manage Payables

AI tracks invoices and sends payment reminders to manage payables efficiently.

Monitor Cashflow

With Otterz AI, analyze cash flow patterns and historical trends for better planning.

Accounts Reconciliation

AI reconciles bank transactions with accounting records.

Save Time

Save hours on manual bookkeeping tasks with AI automation.

Manage Expenses

Gain insights into spending patterns and cost-saving opportunities.

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Harness the Power of AI for Accounts Payable, P&L Forecasting and Business Insights

Stay ahead of the curve with AI-driven insights and automated processes for your small business

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