Stress-Free Tax Filing for Small Businesses

Accounting and effortless tax filing that lets you focus on what you do best – running your business.

Let Us Handle Your Tax Worries, Enjoy Peace of Mind

Otterz experts ensure tax compliance and accuracy, so you can focus on growing your business.

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Otterz ensures end-to-end responsibility for complying with the processes and filing taxes with the authorities, keeping you worry-free.

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Federal and State Tax Returns

We prepare and file returns on your behalf, ensuring compliance with applicable laws and regulations.

Tax Planning and Strategy

We help you identify potential tax-saving opportunities and leverage tax incentives.

Schedule C Preparation

Receive expert guidance in completing and filing Schedule C, which includes reporting business income, expenses, and calculating self-employment tax.

Deductions and Credit Analysis

We help reduce tax liabilities by reviewing business owner's financial records and identifying eligible deductions and credits.

Compliance with Tax Deadlines

Stay clear of penalties and interest charges by diligently adhering to deadlines.. We file returns accurately and well in advance of the due dates.

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Why Otterz?

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Expertise and Knowledge

Otterz boasts a team of trained professionals specializing in US tax laws, regulations, and filing requirements. Extensive knowledge in handling tax returns, ensuring compliance with relevant laws, and optimizing deductions and credits specific to your business, sets Otterz apart.

Accuracy and Compliance

At Otterz the focus remains on maintaining accuracy and ensuring compliance with tax regulations. The seasoned expertise significantly reduces the risk of errors or omissions on your tax returns, minimizing the chances of facing penalties or audits from tax authorities.

Personalized Service

Recognizing the uniqueness of each business, Otterz provides tailored services to meet specific tax needs. Collaborating closely with clients, Otterz gains insights into financial situations, pinpoints pertinent deductions, and optimizes tax positions.

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